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Subject: Book - 8.4
From: Bob Fryer bfryer@............
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 18:41:43 -0700

Hi Angel, folks,

I thought the author did quite well on earthquake precursors.

BTW- I just sent out a post about how earthquake-sensitive people are 
able to sense the timing of quakes.

Send private e-mail if you want it.

Take care,
Bob F

>While am writing, here goes to what is as close to a book review as I
>have written in years.  It's called "8.4"  written by Peter Heron.
>I got it for $0.01 on ebay + 3.5 shipping, such a deal.
>The book is a fun read even if you have to "suspend disbelief" for a
>while. The heros and heroines are seismologist and geophysics. Some of
>the bad guys are also seismologist along with a few politicians. The
>good guy does not die and does get the girl which is a bare minimum
>for a good movie or book.
>It all about an earthquake in the Madrid Seismic Zone and the big one
>that is coming. The good seismologist have seismographs in the back of
>their cars that the have to urgently install near the epicenter. This
>group can also install complete arrays in a couple of hours and
>analyze the results just as fast. In the end they diffuse the big one
>with a nuclear bomb. Lots of geo/seismo jargon and mumbo jumbo along
>with maps and charts and listing from NEIC.
>If you have nothing better to do this could be a good way to pass a
>few hours.
>regards to all,
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