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Subject: Re:Seismic Detection of Tornadoes
From: Thomas Dick dickthomas01@.............
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 16:26:29 -0500

OK. after this I will shut up....On 4/10/13 Marine Denolle gave a talk 
at USGS, Menlo Park, that came out as a podcast.  This was the third 
"similar" talk like this that used software to detect "earthquakes" in 
the noise in the last year. I can't honestly admit that I understand 
this technique, but in her talk she suggested being able to detect and 
to some extent predict the strength of surface waves in the sediments 
around LA, particularly by movement of earthquake waves northward along 
the San Andres Fault. One person from the floor noted she had limited 
her work to frequencies below 10 Hz and that there was a lot of interest 
in (research) frequencies above 10 hz. And she suggested it could be 
done on a laptop.

here is the site for the podcasts -- you will need a viewer  like Itunes


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