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Subject: A little niggle with Winquake
From: Dave Nelson dave.nelson@...............
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 18:10:49 +1000

Hi Guys

   Am addressing this to the group rather than directly to Larry ... 2 reasons

1) to make sure its not just my installation of WQ
2) if it isnt, whether others would also find the feature useful

Actually the feature used to be there  ... but it disappeared during one of 
	many WQ updates

OK ....  I still find it really frustrating that I can no longer save 
anything in the
in the Event Information Comment line ...
thats the first line ... where you would put the basic info of the event 
.... size
location, etc

If I put stuff in there,  then close that window the info isnt saved and 
doesnt show
in the text lines above the seismogram.  WQ once upon a time used to do this
and the loss of this basic data entry means that we cant name the file ...
that is when you are viewing you directory of files in WQ you end up with 
lots of
files that have no info as to what they are  just the usual eg ....
Sydney, Australia (Z) instead of say .... Mw 5.9, Kermadec Islands (Z)

The only way you can save the comments is if all the other data is entered ....
date, time, lat, long, etc etc
That's all very well till ya want to put comments for an event that hasnt been
located / timed professionally ... As other in my region will agree, we get 
of unreported events ... mining blasts, small natural quakes  etc

I'm running the latest version of WQ 3.3.0  32bit on Win XP Home SP3
WQ 3.2.6b  32bit didnt work either
WQ 3.1.8b  32bit  did work with saving just comments But there are other issues
  with that version

so is it just my computer not liking the latest couple of versions of WQ
or do others see the same thing ?



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