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Subject: Re: Photos of the insides of an STS-2
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Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 20:41:30 -0400 (EDT)

From: Geoff 
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Subject: Re: Photos of the insides of an STS-2

> On 4/20/2013 6:38 PM, sismos@.............. wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have started a section at the OSOP we page that will be called
>> "What's Inside".  Mostly it will be photos of seismometers I have
>> taken apart.  I will also post pictures of the insides of digitizers,
>> radios and most anything that I happen to get into.
>> I will start with a bit about an STS-2 that filled up with ants.

>> If any of you have pictures of the insides of anything interesting
>> let me know.
>> Regards,
>> Angel

*I guess you can call me "chicken" because showing the guts
 to NEW things might be called reverse engineering.

    Really ? Were does any engineering come in ?

*I have made agreements with companies which I worked for that
threw the fear of GOD into your soul about making such things public.

    Were these Military contracts ?
    Maybe temper your Religious beliefs with some healthy scepticism ?

*Maybe it does not apply to the general public. Maybe
you are located in a country where reverse engineering
would not make you be a spy.

    Like in most countries ?

*If the technology is more than like 10 years old and the
patent has died then no problemo. People must pay
monies to keep their patent in force, not everyone is
willing to do this. Good luck, and may the force be with

    Patents usually last for 20 years, but they are public
documents - anyone can read them. There appear to
currently be serious problems with the US Patent
System in the backlog of applications being considered
and in their scrutiny.

*But if its any consolation, those companies I worked for
would use their best minds to tear into other peoples
products looking for undocumented features. To me
thats one industry going against its own value system.

    Could this explain the quality of many of your
products ?
    What value system is that ? Do any US Companies
have one ?
    If a feature is subject to a Patent Application before
any products are sold, these features may be protected.
Otherwise, they have no protection and anyone can use
them. Apart from Patents, products may also be
protected by Registered Designs.

*The law is so complex and screwed up when it comes
to science and technology.
HERE, It might get someone more like a witch trial
rather than real justice.
I'm in the USA.

    Is that the land of the free ??

    I note Angel's statement that opening a product may
effect the warranty that the company provides. But it will
not effect any Statutory Legal Rights that you may have.


     Chris Chapman

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