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Subject: Russian Meteor Stuff
From: Geoff gmvoeth@.........
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 06:38:13 +0000

Hey Guys,

I was just listening to the published
videos on that Russian meteor that fell
awhile back.

you could hear many smaller reports (sonic booms)
which sounded like a barrage of cannon fire.
I was just sitting on the thrown thinking about this.
After also watching the meteor men who hunt meteors
with magnets it made me think this way
  (they showed how a meteor breaks up).
Little pieces fall earlier than bigger pieces.
In an elliptical area beneath the meteor track.
There must have been many sizable chunks produced
like baseball or basketball sizes.

If there were multiple sensors
(acoustic) with decent timing (maybe gps ?)
you might be able to piece the evidence together
and figure out where all those sizable pieces
creating the booms eventually impacted the earth.

So far none of the reprted findins seem to be
the sizes able to create such sonic reports.

I think those bigger pieces are still in the ground.

Do you think there are, like, seismic arrays
also, acoustic arrays,  with good timing records ?


It is by the Entropy, That I set my mind in Motion.
Entropy is the seeking of equilibrium.
It is by the Entropy that, I set my mind in motion.


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