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Subject: Re: Any help or knowledge on Everlert 6000 Vibra-Tech Seismograph
From: gchafee@............
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 18:02:16 +0000



I appreciate and understand your concern. However I was just using that pag=
e to show an example of what it looks like, and the limited number of contr=


I have not been able to find a manual for this or even references outside w=
hat I mentioned.


To answer your concerns about mil websites and equipment that has been rele=
ased, I once called one of my contacts at NSA because I had purchased a Mot=
orola STU-III secure telephone at the Dayton Hamvention. (and yes - NSA age=
nts will talk to you (and thank you), as a normal person if you feel you ha=
ve something to report - better to be safe than not).  I used to work on cr=
ypto equipment in the Air force (and fro NSA) and thought it would be inter=
esting to have an item to show people if they asked what a secure telephone=
 looked like. After I realized that this was a unit still in use, I decided=
 to err on the side of caution. Sure enough, it was considered CCE (Control=
led Cryptographic Equipment) and should never been released. It was complet=
ely intact. I then turned it back into the government through proper channe=
ls and they reimbursed me for my original cost. Someone in the Justice Depa=
rtment didn't consider Crypto equipment as needing protection. What is even=
 more concerning, is I saw many items I know of which would be considered c=
ontrolled (confidential or higher) items being sold at the Dayton Hamventio=
n, and I reported it to the agent I was working with. His answer is they do=
 not have the manpower to go to hamfests. If they did, I am sure they would=
 see many people with DES-III encryption radios, military SINGARS radios, E=
ncryption fill devices, along with other encryption equipment and older no =
longer considered controlled items. I could see 20-30 items in a couple of =
hours that I would know would be normally be highly controlled equipment. M=
ost of the people that had these were using them in Ham Radio and were not =
buying them for some "evil " reason. However, these are encryption items th=
at event our own government would have trouble decrypting if they fell into=
 the hands of drug smugglers and the lot. I suggested I could help, but the=
y were not interested.

If you are up front and are not trying to do something to get attention in =
a negative way, you are pretty much "off the radar". It is when you start d=
igging in places you do not belong, or buying from someone that is less tha=
n up-front, where you can get yourself in trouble.


Thanks for your concern

---- Geoff  wrote:=20
> Your document seems to originate from a MIL website, ??
> If true it might not be a good idea to even be in
> possession of such a device unless "SURVEYED"
> is stamped all over the machine.
> Just a thought.
> regards
> geoff
> SURVEYED means the machine was released from government control.
> Or So I understand.
> Otherwise it might be stolen or wrongfully appropriated equipment.
> MIL websites are kind of dangerous to deal with
> in an age of patriot acts. Which to me is leaning
> in favor of the Nazis religion.
> I choose to avoid the mil websites until
> the world calms down a-bit.
> Just a thought.
> On 8/2/2013 11:36 AM, chrisatupw@....... wrote:
> > From: Jerry Chafee 
> > To: PSNLIST 
> > Sent: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 19:10
> > Subject: Any help or knowledge on Everlert 6000 Vibra-Tech Seismograph
> >
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have an Everlert 6000 Seismograph originally used by Vibra-Tech
> > Engineers. This was a portable seismograph unit with a printer in the
> > top lid, originally used in the mining industry. It dates from the
> > 1990=E2=80=99s.  Using Google, I have seen references to the government=
> > it in 1995. It appeared to be a replacement for the Everlert II which
> > dated back to the 80=E2=80=99s. A picture and specs are shown at
> >
> >
> > pages 138 and 139.
> >
> > Frequency response is 2 =E2=80=93 250Hz Seismic and Sound
> >

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