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Subject: Re: VNC WinSDR WinQuake
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:59:41 +1200

On 09/09/13 03:07, Thomas Dick wrote:
> Anyone seen this problem; the monitor display on my network computers upstairs
> will lock up for minutes or more at a time when viewing the seismic computer
> screen data (on the basement computer). The seismic computer seems to do its
> job and collects seismic data and displays it OK.  All the data is stored and
> retrievable. All other computer monitors display is hesitant. WinSDR Replay and
> Winquake manipulations are slow. If the monitor screen is right clicked
> (upstairs computers)  it will immediately catch up. I removed all data over two
> weeks old from the main drive of the seismic computer, (75 GB hard drive with
> 55 GB of free space running XP @ 2.5 GHz with  1.5 GB of ram on board). I run a
> small network (all computers running XP are at least as fast as the one
> collecting seismic data; one is running Windows 7).  All computers behave the
> same way and are connected using cable and VNC. The seismic computer is never
> accessed by more than one computer at a time. Screen display is 94 lines and
> redraw 40....screen resolution is 1290x1024 at 32 bit color....the monitor on
> the basement computer collecting the seismic data seems to have normal/correct
> display with no tardiness. VNC was recently updated

Hi Thomas,

You might have better luck using the client/server modes in WinSDR rather than 
using VNC.

On the seismic computer enable server mode:

     Settings -> System -> Server/Client -> Server -> Enable

On the other computers run WinSDR and enable Client mode:

     Settings -> System -> Server/Client -> Client -> Enable

And enter the IP address of the seismic computer.

This uses a tiny fraction of the network bandwidth which VNC requires, and 
places a similar fraction of load on the seismic machine.



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