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Subject: Data filtering within WinQuake/WinSDR
From: Thomas Dick thomasdick@.......
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 14:01:41 -0500

I need some help. I've trying to solve this for over a year now.  If you 
look at Bob's (Locust Valley) and my post ( Evansville) for the Acari 
Peru   quake on 9/25/13 -- in the data operations under Display/Modify 
-- Bob does 3 manipulations and I do five. I understand the first which 
is done within WinSDR  but what is wrong with what I am doing within 

Additional comments on this area might help me too. My units detect 
frequencies between .008 Hz and up to 1 Hz on teleseismic quakes and 
higher up on regional events. I set WinSDr at Low Pass at 3 Hz-- 
should/could this be lower --- I assume this means I am cutting off 
frequencies above 3 HZ with this filter, Strong ocean and Great Lake 
storms require me to cut off sometimes at or above . 04 Hz. The words 
Low pass cutoff and High pass cutoff as applied to  my location 
situation seem confusing

  I know some of the pruists want data that is unfiltered. For me I just 
want to see the finished product.


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