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Subject: Re: Why we like verticals
From: Thomas Dick thomasdick@.......
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2013 20:50:54 -0500

I got good data with my vertical here too on that Mexico quake, but I 
didn't get good horizontal data so I didn't send it to PSN. I was 
surprised at your remarks on verticals.  I wondered if others valued the 
vertical data as much as I do. We have numerous quarries and strip mines 
in the area. I have realized that I can tell the difference between 
mine/quarry activity from a real quake. I had a small quake about 10 
mines away a while back. It was distinct on my 4.5 Hz geophone......that 
is, it was easy to tell the difference between a real quake and 
blasting. Plus,  the accuracy of the arrival of P on close events 
"appears" more accurate.


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