Redwood City PSN Earthworm Setup Information

Current Earthworm Configuration Files

This screenshot of the StartStop control panel shows the various modules running on our installation of Earthworm.

Our installation of Earthworm is running on a Jetway GM1-330 Motherboard with a Intel 1.6GHz Atom 330 CPU and 4 GB of main memory. The Operation System, Windows XP Professional 64-Bit,  and Earthworm are installed on a 32GB laptop OCZ Solid State Drive and for data archiving a 500 GB laptop hard drive. We are running Earthworm 7.5 (32-Bit binaries) with the Winston 1.1 Wave Server.

Besides running Earthworm this system also collects weather information using Weather Display (Version 10.37P) and two copies of our datalogging software WinSDR. One of the WinSDR systems is used to import the channel LCGP2 into Earthworm and is used to locate earthquakes using the various EW modules. 

Below are some photos of the Earthworm system.

I know, kind of messy inside... 

This Analog to Digital Converter breadboard uses a 24-Bit Sigma-Delta IC to record data from a 4.5Hz vertical Geophone.  Output from this sensor is used to produce the LCGP2 channel used to locate earthquakes. More information can be found here.

Please read the following if you would like to supply data to the PSN Earthworm Network

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