Station Information

Last Updated: 02/07/2012

Current Station Map Used to Locate Events

COS - Mt Oso USGS Short Period Vertical Station

Location Map: 37.5085 -121.374

This senor is located near Mount Oso. Data from the Geophone, probably 1Hz, is sent out using the old USGS analog telemetry technology. This demodulator board and a police scanner is used to receive the signal from the station. The output from the demodulator is then feed into one of our 16-Bit ADC boards.  A Garmin GPS 18x LVC receiver is used to timestamp the incoming data. WinSDR is used to record the data from the ADC board. Our Earthworm module Ws2Ew is used to import the data into EW. 

B054, B057 and B073 Borehole Stations

Location Maps:

Data from these stations are imported into Earthworm using the slink2ew module. The module is configured to receive data from the IRIS data server at using port 1800. 

ADUB1 - Monte Sereno PSN Station

Location Map: 37.247 -121.980

Added: 03/07/12

This station is located in Monte Sereno California. The current setup is one 4.5 Hz vertical geophone connected to one of our 16-Bit Digitizers. The single channel Amp/Filter board has the following configuration:

The geophone sensor has an output of  .315 volts per centimeter of motion. The period of the sensor has been extended to 1.5 seconds using WinSDR's period extending inverse filter.  

Redwood City Station

Location Map: 37.497 -122.241

For the Redwood City PSN station we are using a 4.5Hz vertical Geophone to trigger off of to locate earthquakes. The sensor is connected to a 24-Bit Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital converter. Below is a photo of the breadboard and sensor. 

The current version of WinSDR ( is used to import the data into Earthworm using our Ws2Ew.exe module. The channel used by Earthworm has been period extended using a software inverse filter to 2 seconds (0.5Hz) and to help reduce local ground noise a 4 Hz 2-pole low-pass filter. Our station is located near an Industrial Highway and Freeway US 101 is about 275 meters from our sensor array.

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