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PSN Explorer is a Web browser that uses Microsoft's Internet Explorer technology to interface between earthquake event files on the Internet and WinQuake. Using this program users can download and view event files from the Public Seismic Network as well as other sites on the Internet with simply clicking on an event file link. PSN Explorer will download the event file using FTP and then display the file using WinQuake. This program is also used by WinQuake to display help Web pages.

This program is part the the WinQuake release and installed on your system when you run the WinQuake setup program.

System Requirements:

Using PSN Explorer:

Since PSN Explorer is very similar to Internet Explorer the users should refer to the Internet Explorer's help web pages for general information on using this web browser. Information below documents the changes between the two programs.

PSN Explorer has several hooks into Internet Explorer so that event files can be download and viewed directly with WinQuake. First the user must specify a directory that will be used for downloading the event files. Under the Files menu item, the Download Directory dialog box is used to select or create a directory that will be used to download all event files. WinQuake will use this directory to view the event file after the download has been completed.

The following sites on the Internet will can be used to automatically download event files:

Redwood City Public Seismic Network at This site has event files in the PSN format.

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) at This site has seed volumes that can be read by WinQuake.

As with Internet Explorer, PSN Explorer can download any file. By using PSN Explorer on one of the sites above the user can click on a event file link, or seed volume, and the download will start immediately. When the transfer is complete WinQuake will be started, or notified if it is already running, and it will display the new event file. If another web browser is used, the user will need to select a download directory and then use WinQuake to open the file.

Menu Items:


Download Directory:

This menu item opens the change or new Download Directory dialog box. The directory selected will be used for event file downloading.

Locate WinQuake:

This menu item opens the Open File dialog box. It is used to locate WinQuake (winqk32.exe) if the program is not in the same directory as PSN Explorer.


Prints the current page.


Closes PSN Explorer.



Toggles the toolbar on and off.

Status Bar:

Toggles the status bar on and off.


Stops or cancels the download of the current web page. Same as the Stop button.


Reloads the current page. Same as the Refresh button.



Reloads the previous page. Same as the Back button.


Reloads the next page. Same as the Forward button.

Start Page:

Loads your default home page. Same as the Home button.

New Event Page:

Opens the PSN New Event File web page Same as the Event button.

PSN Event Archives:

Opens the PSN archive directory list

IRIS Seed Archives:

Opens the IRIS archive directory list


Displays a list of favorite web sites. This is the same list as the one in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer should be used to add or delete items on this list.


Help on PSN Explorer:

Opens this document.

About PSN Explorer:

Opens the About dialog box.

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