WinSDR and WinQuake Replay Feature



The replay feature allows the user to request an event file using WinQuake and WinSDR.

WinSDR Setup:

To use this feature using WinSDR you will need to create two directories on either the WinSDR system or on some other system located on your LAN. WinQuake can be located anywhere on your network or the WinSDR system. In WinSDR, open the System Settings dialog box and use the Request Control File Browse button to select the directory where WinSDR will look for request files from WinQuake.

WinQuake Configuration:

When WinQuake firsts starts up it looks for a file called REPLAY.DAT in the same directory as WinQuake runs out of. If it finds it, the new "Replay" button in the File Open dialog box will be enabled. If the file is not there this button will be disabled. Since this button will be disabled when you run WinQuake for the same time you will have to use the menu item "Replay Setup" under the File menu items.

The Replay Settings dialog box is used to create and manage the REPLAY.DAT file. The first item in this dialog box is the returned event file path that WinSDR will use to place files in. Use the "Change" button to select the directory that you will be using, example c:\data\event, to hold the returned event files. Next you need to add the channel information for each of your sensors you are running. For each channel select the "Add" button. In the Replay Channel Information dialog box add the file extension for that channel, like LC1. If you only have one WinSDR system keep the System Number at 1. Next set the WinQuake Request Directory to the directory you will be using for the request control file. Example: c:\sdr\request. This directory must be available to both WinQuake and WinSDR. If you are using WinSDR as the datalogger you must check the WinSDR Mode check box.   

After entering the replay information you should be able to do a replay. The Replay button should now be enabled in the File Open dialog box. In the Replay dialog box you will see a series of edit boxes for the start time, save length, channel etc. After filling in the start time and channel press the "Replay" button. WinQuake will create a request file for WinSDR to read and then waits for the event file(s) to be created by the datalogger. If after ~40 seconds there is no event file found, WinQuake will time out. If it does find the event file it will close out the Replay dialog box and open the event file(s). The "Report" and "Report Time" can be used to set the starting time based on the currently selected report time. The Save Default check box is used to save selected fields, marked with a * in the group box name, as default settings for the next time you run WinQuake.

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