WWVB Time Correction Option


Introduction: This page documents how to use a WWVB receiver for SDR time keeping. This option is similar to the WWV Time Correction feature. To use Radio Shake's WWVB Radio Controlled Clock please see the Web page at http://www.seismicnet.com/wwvbsdr.html for more information.
Hardware Connection: The output of the WWVB receiver should be connected to pin 32 (Digital IN 0) on the 37 pin A/D I/O connector. You can use pin 13 as the ground for the WWVB signal.
SDR Settings and Usage: Under the F6 settings, set the "Set Time Using Digital Input" and "WWVB Mode" to Yes. You should also turn the debug mode on by pressing the "D" key when you're at the main SDR screen. The "D" key toggles the debug mode on and off. After making the changes, exit out of SDR and connect up the WWVB receiver. Restart SDR and hopefully it will lock up if you can find a good location for the antenna. If you are in the debug mode, you should see a message saying that SDR has lock to the WWVB time. When SDR locks to the WWVB time, you will see "(L)" next to the UTC time display at the bottom of the screen.

After lock up, SDR will continually poll the WWVB receivers time code. If the internal SDR time gets off by +-15 milliseconds or more it will set its time to the WWVB receiver time.

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