Using the Event Report Feature



The event report processing feature of WinQuake is used to update the event file window with information about the earthquake. This information includes location, time of origin, and the magnitude of the event. Event report information can be download using the FINGER, FTP or Web page services available on the Internet. The USGS and other earthquake reporting services create the event report information. The event report information will be saved in the PSN or SAC Binary event file when the updated event file is saved using the Save File dialog box.


Event report information can be downloaded in several ways:

WinQuake can directly download several event reports available on the Internet. The Load Network Report button in the Event Report dialog box can be used to download the following reports:

FINGER services:

This is an old method of retrieving reports.  Most agencies no longer have finger servers online.

Web pages:

FTP locations:

Using the Event Report Dialog Box:

After downloading an event, the Event Report dialog box can be used to load the report information. When you first load an event report file, or use the Load Network dialog box, the program will attempt to determine the type of the event report using a keyword string within the report. If WinQuake is unable to determine the report type, you will need to use the Type: select box.

WinQuake searches for the event based on the start time of the event file currently being view, when the event file is first loaded. The search button can also be used to search for the event. Since several events can be near each other, or the start time of the event file is not within 60 seconds of an event, you may need to manually select the proper event.

After the report is selected, the Event Information dialog box or the Add Event Report button in the Open File dialog box, can be used to add the information to the event file. The Make button in the Modify dialog box can be used to create an event report using information in an event file. This feature can be used to transfer event report information between event files.

Additional Information:

The REPORT.DAT file must be in the same directory as the WinQuake executable file. This file contains information used by WinQuake to parse the different event report files.

Step by Step Procedure:

1. Open an event file using the main "Open File" dialog box.
2. Open the "Event Report" dialog box using the File / Event Report menu items.
3. Open the "Network Event Report" dialog box by pressing the Network Report button.
4. Select (World Web Report).
5. After press "Connect" WinQuake should download the report file.
6. You should now see a list of events in the "Event Report" dialog box. Verify WinQuake selected the correct event, it does this based on the start time of the event file.
7. Press Add/Replace Report button.
8. Press the Ok button to close the dialog box.

You should now have the report information in the event file. The "Add Report" button in the main "Open File" dialog box should now be enabled. This can be used to add the same report information to other event files.

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